Hamam Service

Hamam treatments are only available in combination with a visit to the Hamam.

We ask that you contact us over the phone or in person to schedule any appointments so that we can provide you with a personal consultation.

 We cannot accept appointment requests per email.


  Kese und Sabunlama

Traditional Turkish full body exfoliation (kese/Peeling) 12,- €
Soapmassage (Sabunlama) 13,- €

Special Offer
                 (Kese + Sabunlama)

24,- €

  Agda (Hair Removal)

Beine, komplett 30,- €
Beine, bis zu den Knien 15,- €
Bikinizone 12,- €
Achseln 10,- €
Arme 16,- €
Intimbereich 20,- €
Oberlippe ab 6,- €
Oberlippe plus Kinn 10,- €
Bauch 10,- €
Rücken 15,- €


20 Minuten 20,- €
30 Minuten 27,- €
40 Minuten 35,- €
60 Minuten 49,- €
90 Minuten 70,- €

Kosmetische Wellness-Anwendungen

Gesichtsverwöhnbehandlung (Hautanalyse, Peeling, Ausreinigung, Augenbrauenkorrektur, Packung,Gesichtsmassage, Pflegecreme)

Kleine Kosmetikbehandlung
(Hautanalyse, Reinigung, Packung)

36,- €

18,- €
Wimpernfärben  9,- €
Augenbrauenfärben  7,- €
Augenbrauenkorrektur ab 6,- €
Maniküre 18,- €
Pediküre 24,- €
Intensiv-Fußmassage  23,- €
Relaxmassage (entspannende Kopf-, Nacken-, Schultermassage, 25 Min.) 23,- €

Für alle Anwendungen bitten wir um telefonische oder persönliche Terminabsprache,
um eine individuelle Beratung zu gewährleisten.

Auf per Mail geäußerte Terminwünsche können wir nicht eingehen.  

Anwendungen sind nur in Kombination mit dem Hamambesuch möglich.



What is Ayran?

Ayran is a refreshing drink made from yogurt, salt and water.

What is Kese?

In combination with a silk glove, a full body peeling.

What is a Pestemal?

The pestemal is a checked cloth which can be wrapped around the hips. These may also be used to sit on during your bath in the Hamam so that one does not sit directly on the stoned tiles.

What is Sabunlama?

Sabun is the soap. The relaxing soap massage is called Sabunlama, and is practised after the Kese.

What is Tas?

With this bowl, usually engraved, one pours the water from the Turkish bath gently over the entire body.

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