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Our Hamam opened in 1988 as a part of the Schokoladenfabrik – Women’s Center, which was founded 1981 when women living in Kreuzberg – energized by the women’s movement and the prospect of civic participation in the future development of Berlin – occupied the buildings of a former chocolate factory in Mariannenstrasse and Naunynstrasse. Schokoladenfabrik, or Schokofabrik for short, means ‘chocolate factory’ in German.

Once the nonprofit organization “Frauenstadtteilzentrum Kreuzberg e.V.” was founded, the site was renovated over several years and became a center for communication, creativity, and political discussion. The main idea was to implement many of the theoretical ideas emerging out of the women’s movement and to create a space that specifically addressed the interests of the women living in Kreuzberg.

The establishment of the Hamam in 1988 intensified our organization’s engagement with women of Turkish descent living in the community, and also served to introduce the hamam cultural tradition to women visiting and living in Berlin. Our Hamam is now a location for the enjoyment and edification of women from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

Ever since we consolidated the rooms on the mezzanine level in 2006, we have been able to offer our visitors more space to relax in a pleasant atmosphere. It is also now possible for bathers to recuperate in our beautiful outdoor courtyard and enjoy the open air and sunshine. Our premises are also open to women interested in attending the fitness courses offered at

Further information about our organization and its different initiatives can be found online at:


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  • 01.05.2017 » 1. Mai 2015 - Open Day until 4 pm - no Bathing!
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